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50 years in the making, HEI Security is the commercial security division of Hunt Enterprises.

If you walk into a bank or a credit union in the rocky mountain region, chances are, you are seeing our work. Our vaults, safes, card access systems, surveillance, alarm, and even video monitoring have been protecting our financial services customers for decades.

HEI Security extends this expertise into other businesses with rapidly deployable, mobile, wireless, solar, and a host of other services to round out the strongest commercial security offering in the industry.

Businesses need a highly experienced advocate with access to a wide variety of tested equipment and services to accomplish their goals without overspending or getting vendor locked. They need it professionally deigned, installed, tested, and supported. That is exactly what we do.


Hunt Enterprises started as a banking equipment and service company in 1961. In those 50 years, we have seen a great deal of change. The cultural, technological, and economic evolution that lead us into "the now" has forced entire industries to reinvent themselves many times along the way. Through all of this, Hunt Enterprises has remained a solid partner with real solutions to the challenges of the time. Our fundamental belief is that everyone, regardless of industry or size, wants to do business on a first name basis.

Creating a history requires mastery of the now and a good eye for the future. Hunt Enterprise Incorporated Security (HEI Security), our new commercial security division, was formed to more specifically address the needs of businesses outside the financial services industry. This allows us to broaden our range of service partners, product lines, and bring a complete set of specialties to both the financial services and commercial security.


  • Hardened Storage: Vaults, Safes, Drawers. Lockers, Locksmith Services
  • Customer Interface: Deal Drawers, Counter Glass
  • Access Control: Card Access, Mag Locks, Strikes
  • IT Audit/Penetration Testing: Internal/External network security analysis
  • Surveillance: NVR/DVR, Cameras, Wired/Wireless
  • Analytics: People Counting, POS Data, Conversion Rate
  • Monitoring: Alarm, Video, Sensor
  • Emergency Power Sources: Solar, Battery, Generator
  • Wire/Cable: Networking, Low Voltage, Alarm
  • Advanced Outdoor Perimeter Security: Fencing, Sensor, Barriers, Car Catchers
  • Site Analysis: Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mobile Surveillance: Rapidly Deployable Battery/Solar units


Services You Can Trust

Our Mission to our customers:

We hold our relationships with our customers above all else. We realise that our business depends on your satisfaction. That is why Hunt Enterprises separates itself from others by providing superior service, products and education. We pride ourselves in providing quality and timely solutions.
Hunt is "Big enough to handle your needs, and small enough to care about them"!