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Here at Hunt Enterprises we specialize in helping you ensure the safety of your financial institution—and everyone in it—using both physical and electronic security features that are customized to meet your needs. Our more than 60 years of experience have helped us identify the top manufacturers of quality bank security systems and products. We offer everything from the tried-and-true solutions to the latest in cutting-edge technology. And with ongoing service and yearly preventative maintenance options, we ensure your equipment is always working like it should.

We’ll help you select, install, and maintain

Hear it from our clients

“We have had the pleasure of doing business with Hunt Enterprises for at least the last 14 years that I have worked here. They are always courteous when we call with questions or concerns (which doesn’t happen often).

They are always available to send a tech out as soon as possible if we have issues, I think the longest wait time for us was a day or two and that’s only because we called towards the end of the business day. When the techs do come out they are always nice, professional, knowledgeable and easy to get along with.

I personally wouldn’t switch to any other company 🙂”

Heather S.

“Bank of Utah has had the opportunity to partner with Hunt Enterprises for several years now. Hunt has always been responsive to our needs, and been a true partner. Many companies will come in and just do what you want, while others will try and sell you anything they can imagine. Hunt has always worked with us as a vendor, but even more as a consultant. In the process of working on two frustrating projects Hunt made two simple suggestions. I took a chance on both, and found that the projects went much smoother and removed a majority of my frustration. It is nice to work with a company that will do what I ask and need, but is not afraid to ask questions to see if there is a better way. Hunt has done this for Bank of Utah, which makes Hunt a trusted advisor.”

Craig R.

“We have worked with Hunt Enterprises for over a decade and have always appreciated the quality of work they have provided the Credit Union. Hunt Enterprises is professional and reliable and we would proudly recommend them.”

Scott W.

“I have worked with Hunt for many years. They are quick to respond to any issues and knowledgeable with the equipment. We would recommend them.”

Stewart M.
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